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Vol 2 Iss 12 Dec 2007

Quote of the Month

"Counting Time is not so important as making time count"—Unknown

Keeping Track

This evening I was taking my usual walk when one of my neighbors appeared in his driveway pushing his garbage can out to the curve. My first thought was ah, today must be Thursday. That's the day we all put our cans out in anticipation of collection early on Friday. Suddenly it struck me; how did I go from keeping track of the days by the calendar to keeping track by recalling city collection days? How did it happen?

It seems like only yesterday I was eagerly awaiting Friday as the day before the weekend. Great things used to happen on weekends. I would take a trip to the beach or just loll around the house and read a book or do a puzzle. Now every day is Saturday. I am retired and work at home, so sometimes I think I live in a perpetual Monday.

How do you note the days of the week? Do you count them by your city's calendar like I do? I can tell you exactly what day it is by looking down the street. Monday and Friday are garbage days and Wednesday is trash pick up. The only day that is left for me to look forward to any more is Sunday. This is the day I go to church so at least there is one outing each week.

Is this what it means to be retired? Are you caught in this perpetual Monday syndrome too? I say let's break out of our boxes we call home and rejoin the rest of the world. Who says retirement has to be boring?

© Copyright 2007 Ginger Marks


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