WOW eNewsletter

Vol 2 Iss 2 Feb 2007

Quote of the Month

Facing it -- always facing it -- that's the way to get through. Face it! That's enough for any man. -- Joseph Conrad

Staying the Course

This has been one heck of a month for me. The year started off with a huge explosion of activity and has left me drained. So how do I cope? How do I pick myself up, dust myself off, and keep on keeping on? As the dust settles, or rather continues to fall, I find that staying focused and on track is a must.

Some folks, I understand, need to duck and run for cover. Well, I am no different. There are times I feel like digging a hole and hiding from the fallout until it is well over. Maybe you have felt that way too. But in reality this is not a viable option. Sure, I have to struggle to stay focused, and even take a few precious moments to myself. Yet throwing in the towel and raising the white flag is not something I am prepared to do.

Look at what would happen if we allowed ourselves to dissolve into the emptiness of time and space? Who would be left to pick up the pieces? Sure there are those that could march on to victory without us, but would they want to? I remember when I lost my late husband and the impact it had on my life. There is no way I would ever be able to follow suit, but that doesn't mean I don't think about those alternatives.

Whenever I get bowed under with stress I loose my desire to eat. The last time I was under this heavy of a load I went from a size 12 to a size 6. Yes, that took a year to do, and I did enjoy being a size 6 again. However, that drastic of a change in weight done by not eating is not good for your health. Therefore I know that I must try to eat a bite at least once each day.

Thankfully I have a strong husband, who I can turn to, and a very good partner and friend that holds my spirit up when things get tough. Friends and family are a source you should turn to not away from when you reach the end of your rope. Another source of strength I find, and really the very first place I turn is to my Lord and Savior. Whether you believe in God or not I have to say without Him I would be a basket case more often than not. Search out your inner source of strength and you will find the peace that passes all understanding.

So when you start feeling overwhelmed by family, job, circumstances take time to rejuvenate and refresh your soul. Turn to your inner source and your closes friend and find the strength to keep your head held high.

Lastly, remember, this too shall pass.

© Copyright 2007 Ginger Marks


Tip for Success

Coaching = Success

There is a reason professional athletes have coaches. Whether they are working for a medal or on a professional team you will never find them without the benefit of a coach. So why is it so many business owners try to go it alone? Consider hiring a coach to assist you in accomplishing your goal of successful business ownership. Be sure to choose one that has the knowlege to help you in the area that you need.

Coach and friend Jenn Givler states, "A coach will not only help you set goals and create a plan, she will also provide guidance along the way. She will also help you over come blocks like fear and procrastination. And, she will hold you accountable for the goals you set - so you're sure to achieve them!

Coaches are experts in their field and have knowledge that they love to share. If you're stuck, a coach can look at your situation from an outside perspective, and also from their expert point of view and give you sound advice on how to proceed.

A coach will be there for you as a source of support if the going gets tough. She will also help you work through the fear and anxiety that might be holding you back.

The coaching realtionship is a collaborative one. When a goal is set, ways to achieve it are discussed and mapped out. The ultimate plan and direction is up to the client, but the coach is a great resource, and also someone who will support you and hold you to your goals."

For more information visit Jenn Givler of J. Givler Coaching at