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Vol 2 Iss 1 Jan 2007

Quote of the Month

The best and safest thing is to keep a balance in your life, acknowledge the great powers around us and in us. If you can do that, and live that way, you are really a wise man. -- Euripides (484 BC - 406 BC)

Your Greatest Enemy

What would you say if I told you that I know the key to happiness? Would you chuckle to yourself and look the other way? Or would you be intrigued enough to consider what I have to say? If you are of the latter mindset I welcome you to follow along on a journey that may surprise you where it ends.

For many of us we consider time to be our worst enemy. Millions, nay, BILLIONS are spent on avoiding and restoring the toll that time takes on our bodies. Just look at the numerous industries that have sprung up to this end. First we have cosmetics, and cosmetic surgery, followed up with diet and stomach stapling, then what about exercise and personal trainers. If that isn't quite enough we can look to the time robber restoring industries. To that end we are provided with Time management journals, training, coaching, clocks, alarms, secretaries and Virtual Assistants who help keep us on time and focused to name just a few. If you think that time is your greatest enemy read on. That could be just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Now we have education, knowledge, and credibility. These three are really just one. Do you lack the proper experience or training to give you the competitive edge? If so perhaps you should consider enhancing your education by taking online coursework or even sitting in on your local college classes. This leads me to the question, "At what point do I become an expert in my field?" The simple answer is when YOU decide you are! But even this is not the greatest of all enemies.

OK so if not these what about funding. Could that be the big bad wolf? Not having sufficient funds to properly build or market your business is definitely a problem for many small businesses. However, proper planning and a sound business plan can make a difference here. With these tools you may even be able to establish a small business loan to jump start your business. Besides these possibilities there are many resources available to the small business owner through government grants and such. So obviously financial burdens are a big sore spot for many of us but they still are not the worst of the worst.

Lest I get carried away, there are numerous pebbles in the road to business success but the greatest enemy of all is YOU! Yes, you are your worst enemy. When you fail to employ all the resources at your disposal or to properly plan you stand in the way of your own success. As an example, the lack of utilizing the simple act of follow-up is not the root of your problem it is merely the result of the fear in you that is holding you back.

When you set your fears aside, no matter what they may be, and take a step outside of your comfort zone you will gain far more than if you allow your fear to overcome your desire to win. If your fear stems from the inability to properly communicate your thoughts you should seek a counselor who can help you to see where and how to correct your communication lacks. One such book I found extremely helpful was JoJo Tabares' book on just this subject, "Say What You Mean When You Are In Business." Available here: This is one I highly recommend. Whereas if your fear stems from public speaking, my own book on this subject, "Presentational Skills for the Next Generation" might be the ticket available here:

Most likely the fear that separates you from success is in itself keeping you from taking action. So the action itself is not the problem rather, it is YOUR lack of action that is the problem. What about in- flexibility? Again, this boils down to YOU! Are you beginning to see the root of the problem? Once you recognize wherein your enemy resides you can begin to develop ways to overcome the thing that is keeping YOU from becoming the best that you can be. Take a moment or two to contemplate just where your strengths and weaknesses lay and seek out the assistance or the information to help you overcome the fears that lie in wait to prevent you from reaching your desired potential. Procrastination won't get you there. Do it right now and you will forever be thankful that you did!

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Tip for Success

Nuts & Bolts

Back to Basics is a collection of articles designed to assist the new business owner to jump start their business or the seasoned profession to put the punch back into their chosen career. It begins with a two part series on the Nuts and Bolts of Business Building and continues from there to the ever important Marketing Basics. As marketing is an issue for each and every business owner no matter their business or circumstances this section is presented in three parts.

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This isn't really subscriber feeback, but when I read it I knew I had to include it here. My good friend and WINning Sister, Nancy Guenther, writes these words of advice on reflection. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Essential Business Tidbits Gleaned Over the Course of My First Year of Owning an Online Retail Store and my 50th Year of Life

A Plug Board will not electrocute me.

A drop ship is not a football maneuver.

Making a banner does not involve magic markers.

I can chat in a Party Room and party in a Chat Room
and never leave MY room!

My signature can be animated even when I am not.

HTML means Having Terrible Migraines Lots!

I can make a sale while wearing Sponge Bob pj’s.

The post office will pick up packages at my front
door—if I remember to tell them

Groceries will show up at my front door—
if I remember to order them.

A Server being down does not mean that my
husband tripped while bringing me breakfast in bed.

A template is not a place of worship.

Staying up until 2 AM night after night tracking down
wholesalers has somehow not improved my looks.

Being about to turn 50 has also not improved my looks.

I don't care about the 2 preceding facts, because I
love my business and I love my life!

Nancy Guenther