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Vol 2 Iss 10 Oct 2007

Quote of the Month

"If we did all we are capable of doing we would literally astonish ourselves." -- Thomas A. Edison

Frown Your Way to Success!

Ha! I knew that would get your attention! Now that I have it I want to encourage you to adopt this thought as your very own. Why? Simply put, unless you are uncomfortable with your circumstances you will never take the initiatives to make a change.

Take a moment to reflect on the reason you began your business. Most likely you did your due diligence and found the perfect match for your needs and goals. Your choice also needed to be based on a line of products or services that reflected who you are and what you believe in.

As time went by you may have lost your zeal. You may have let the naysayers that came across your path to deter you from your goal. Are you happy with where you are and what you are doing? If this is the case go back to the 'box' and take a peak inside once again. Talk to your support group. Attend your group meetings. Do whatever it takes to get back your enthusiasm.

Become totally disgusted with where you are in your business or life; disgusted enough to change. Whatever is keeping you from sharing with the joy of first love look it square in the eye and let it know that it has no control of you any longer.

Change is uncomfortable but growth never comes without it. Consider the acorn. It must first die to spring to life and then it must be nurtured to eventually become the grand oak that is contained in that tiny seed.

© Copyright 2007 Ginger Marks


Tip for Success

Urban Legends

Before you hit the FW: button when receiving that email warning no matter who it is from check first to be sure it is true. One of the best sources I have found to eliminate the embarrassment of forwarding out a fake email is and it only takes a minute or two to verify the authenticity of the warning.