WOW eNewsletter

Vol 3 Iss 1 Jan 2008

Quote of the Month

"When you cannot get a compliment in any other way, pay yourself one."—Mark Twain

Give Yourself a Round of Applause

You deserve a medal. You made it through the holidays. Last year you set your goals and followed through. Your business and your family are thriving. Right this very minute stand up, take a deep breath, and let out a great big sigh. Now, take a moment to yourself. Reminisce on your accomplishments and the many things that you are grateful for.

Better yet, take the day off, if you dare. At the very least, take a couple of candles and a good book, run a nice warm bath filled with your preference of bubbles or your favorite scented oil.

You might think this an extravagance but I promise you that if you take just a few minutes to pamper yourself, your family and your business will notice the difference. Also, you will be refreshed and ready to begin anew working towards your new goals.

If you need help learning how to give yourself permission to pamper yourself Rebecca White of Heal Yourself Talk Radio has written a superb book My Time Cannot Always Be Your Time. I know you'll find this an extremely helpful resource. You'll find the link below in the Classified Ads section.

Whatever you do, take the time to renew and refresh your spirit in a way that will give you the vigor and enthusiasm to take on the challenges and opportunities that are surely headed your way in 2008.

© Copyright 2008 Ginger Marks


Tip for Success

Don't just hit forward

When you receive a notice in your inbox that warns you to take action do you hit the forward button before you even finish reading the article? I used to do that too and boy do I feel foolish when one of my close friends reminds me that the fw: is either old information or simply not true.

Rather than ending up with egg on your face check first to see if the information is an Urban Legend. This is easy to do and so much better than forwarding an UL to your family and friends.

Snopes puts it quite clearly how they can help:

"Every day we're bombarded with e-mail of dubious origin and even more dubious veracity: messages that plead with us to find a missing kid or help a sick child, sign a petition to right some terrible injustice, take a stand on an important piece of pending legislation, forward a message to claim free merchandise, or take heed of the latest computer virus. The messages that aren't outright hoaxes are often full of misinformation, and even the ones that have some truth to them are usually out-of-date by the time we receive them.

This is the place where the inboxer rebellion begins! ... locate and identify whether that piece of e-mail you've received is a hoax, the truth, or something in between."

Are you ready for the URL?

Now you have the link, type in the key words of your email and see what comes up.