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Vol 3 Iss 7 Jul 2008

Quote of the Month

"It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not." ~Author Unknown

Free To Be Me

When you look in the mirror do you immediately start picking yourself apart? Do you look to others to be your mirror? Can you hear yourself say, "I wish I was like....?" Now is the day to stop these limiting behaviours. Instead try complimenting yourself. It will do wonders for your self-esteem and confidence.

You are unique and wonderful. Each morning you awaken you have the choice to live your life fully or in doubt and fear. You were put on this earth not to be a reflection of others but to be the loving, capable, valuable individual that God intended you to be.

When others offer critism don't just accept it and wallow in it. Take it, mull it over and either grow from it or disregard it. Take the time to determine if the critism is valuable or undue. Ask yourself was this criticism meant only to make the other person feel better about themself? If it is indeed helpful and useful, listen carefully and consider how you can use it to better yourself, your product or service. If not, let it go.

Perhaps you are setting unrealistic goals. When you fail to reach them in the time you intended do you hold onto the negative and internalize it? Stop this limiting behaviour today. Re-work them. Take smaller steps. As you reach each minor goal reward yourself and realize you are one step closer to your ultimate goal.

Know yourself. Realistically acknowledge your strength and limitations. Attempt to improve in small ways. The ability to assess yourself accurately is about knowing who you are and accepting yourself as a valuable individual.

Self esteem is more than self confidence. It is how we assess ourselves. Remember that you are here on earth for a purpose. It does not matter how great or small that purpose is. Begin today to learn to accept yourself for who you are, no matter

© Copyright 2008 Ginger Marks


Tip for Success

Don't fear change

As your business grows look to the future and learn to let go of the past. Keeping the "family" mentality could be what is holding you back. Learn to stretch and grow along with your business' success.