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Vol 3 Iss 11 Nov 2008

Quote of the Month

"Our most basic instinct is not for survival but for family. Most of us would give our own life for the survival of a family member, yet we lead our daily life too often as if we take our family for granted." ~Paul Pearshall

Early Planning for Yearend Momentum

Every year when the holidays roll around many business owners feel torn between our business and our families. How do we keep both on an even keel and retain our sanity? Impossible, some of you are saying. Ya right, others express. The truth of the matter is that with proper planning your business will propel itself while you enjoy your holidays with friends and family.

Rather than waiting for the last minute to figure out how to sustain both your family and your income while also trying to include all the extra curricular activities beginning mapping out your strategies and implementing them now.

For example, if you don't already have a business blog consider how one can benefit your bottom line and get yours started today. If you already have one, why not write all your posts early and then when you want to publish them you will only have to hit the publish button. Don't have the time to even do that? Hire a competent Virtual Assistant (VA) to handle these mundane tasks.

Many of you have already worked with autoresponders. These tools can be put to good use during the holidays. Early planning of your marketing efforts will pay off generously when utilizing the scheduling sequence that autoresponders offer.

There are many tools that fit in this category. You can set up your whole biz as a big automated machine. Here's a list to get your creative juices flowing: Google ads, landing pages, email messages, videos, audios, interviews, and live chats with you and your staff. These can all be set up so that your visitors will move from one stage to the next with little or no effort on your part.

Take advantage of these tools by planning, writing, and preparing all your holiday specials way before they need to be implemented.

These are just a couple of ideas to keep you and your business on track while others are away.

© Copyright 2008 Ginger Marks


Tip for Success

Business Success Tip

Do you have a loyal following? Those clients who have been your biggest fan? Perhaps you even offer a referral fee. Why not show your clients and customers how much you appreciate them. For those select few who make a difference in your business consider investing in their future goodwill. Send them a special thank you gift, not just an incentive,however you could also include that. Can't afford a gift, then send a heartfelt greeting card.

Send Out Cards offers the choice right from your comfy computer. Contact me today for a list of Send Out Card reps who will be happy to give you a free tour and the opportunity to send one or two cards on them.