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Vol 3 Iss 10 Oct 2008

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"Anyone who thinks the sky is the limit has limited imagination." ~ Unknown

How To Create Effective Call To Action Graphics

Your Call To Action (CTA) is the, number one, most important part of your marketing campaign. Whether online or off, it is the link from information to sale for your potential customer. This is why what you choose to represent your CTA should be well thought.

We are all used to the Click Here CTA. Nevertheless, you would probably agree that due to its overuse this text CTA has lost its impact. So how do you do to create an effective CTA? Follow these simple rules to increase your sales in your next marketing piece or website design or update.

Uniformity - Keep all your CTAs uniform. Your visitor will easily recognize your CTA if you use it each time you wish them to do something. We are creatures of habit and require similarity to easily recognize things.

Size - Whether you choose to use text or graphics make your CTA big enough to be seen from a distance. Whether your audience is young or old, size alone can have a definite impact on your turn-over rate. Too small and it may not be seen; too big and it will be ignored. However, even when your content can't be read at a distance, your CTA should continue to be clearly seen and understood. Again, keep it uniform in size as well as design.

Wording - Besides consistency in design, consistency in wording is an important element in CTA design. When considering the words to use, as I mentioned before, use something other than the over-used Click Here. Be sure to start your CTA with an ACTIVE VERB: get, learn, see, find, modify, add, submit, etc. Consider including a benefit or result in the text of your CTA, if possible: Get your free subscription, Learn more, etc. Use fonts that are easy to read. Fonts such as Arial and Verdana are the best choices, while Times New Roman or fancy, flowery text are among the worst.

Placement - Due to the importance of your CTA you should always place your CTA in an highly visible place on your page. If you don't know where your visitor's eye falls on your page this will be more difficult for you to choose. There are many studies that indicate where the "eye path" of the Internet user falls. Considering this one element can make logical sense when you wish to increase your Sales Conversion Rate (SCR). Make your CTA the logical conclusion to your page's content.

Design - As with your website, your CTA design should remain consistent to your site's content. It is a good idea to use clean and professional design in your business elements. Save the outlandish and garish for your blog or personal sites. A clean, professional appearance coveys both credibility and longevity. To further enhance your SCR make your CTA button stand out with the use of the Web 2.0 3D effects that are now available.

Roll-over Effects - If your visitor has made it to your CTA button with their mouse they have already indicated an interest. A mouse-over effect could be a good way to reinforce their action and may increase their chance of taking the desired action.

No matter what CTA design your choose, track your results. The key to effective marketing is knowing what works. When you want to know how affective your efforts are, monitoring and assessing their effectiveness will give you the necessary edge to keep your marketing efforts on track. Never stop testing and gathering user input. You the information you need.

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Never lose sight of the need for profitability in your business. Yes, your business likely exists for additional reasons, too. Some of you love the work you do. Others feel your organization’s mission is exciting and fulfilling. But the fundamental reason a business exists is to make a profit. Without a profit, you can't support employees and their families; you can't sustain the business. ~ Susan Heathfield,