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Vol 4 Iss 1 Jan 2009

Quote of the Month

"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning."~ Bill Gates

Convert Your Articles To Marketing Magnets

What have your articles done for you lately? Are you using them merely to get your name out there, or have you discovered the true benefit of article marketing for your business?

If you are like the majority of successful online business owners, you have been diligent in writing articles. Maybe you have even gone so far as to hire a VA to submit them to copious article submission sites. Let me ask you a question; are you submitting to only one topic at each site? If so, consider the benefit of multiple topic submission. Think about how your article would fit in other areas besides the obvious. This one small addition to your submission process will significantly increase the chance your article will be picked up and used.

Now for the crème-de-la-crème. How to convert your articles to marketing magnets. What are your putting in your author bio? Is it filled with "pat-on-the-back" copy? Does it merely speak about you and your business or does it entice the reader to make that coveted click? You spend all that time writing and publishing your articles and in the end all you have is the link back to your site, that probably isn't even read let alone clicked. Sure you get a little traffic from that and then there is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefit.

Consider revising your author bio and make it more "click friendly." The way this is done is to use the author bio area to entice your reader to investigate your website. Instead of listing all of your past accomplishments, which the reader probably isn't interested in anyway, why not hook them with an offer?

Next time you submit an article why not try a new technique. The first line should contain an offer. Something like, "Go to this site to get such and such free gift or to learn the Ten Truths of Business Ownership©, or something similar. Get their attention immediately, rather than boring them with details about you right off the bat.

Then rather than writing out the http... URL for your site, why not embed it in a keyword or key phrase? For example I might use "digital design" as my anchor text or "book covers." I am sure you get the idea.

After that, if you still have room for more copy, you can always add your credentials.

© Copyright 2009 Ginger Marks


Tip for Success

Atomic Blogging

This month's Tip for Success is from Alvin Phang's Atomic Blogging Course.

Blog Tags

Keywords are the most important factor to consider when you blog on your most.

Most often people who have no marketing background or seo background would not bother about keywords and would just blog about almost anything on their blogs.

Unknowingly, if you actually spend time on searching high targeted keywords with huge demands. There will be higher chances your article post will be pick up search engines and based on how often you post your blog post.

You can easily get ranked in search engine by just repeating the keywords you are target in the Title and body. However you will also need to optimize your blog post url and ensure you tagged your blog post correctly.

Tagging is an important key in blogging which many people miss out on. If you are currently blogging and not tagging you blogs right. I would recommend that you get started today and learn how to tag your blog post correctly.

By just tagging your blog post you can actually increase your exposure to search engine by 300%! So tagging is seriously very important.

Alvin Phang

P.S: For a more comprehensive guide on tagging you can go to and get a the best selling blogging guide book online.