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2011 Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide
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Climbing the Peaks to Attain a Success-filled Business in 2012

Volume 6 Issues 12 Dec 2011
Dear Ginger,

I hope you enjoy this eZine provided by -- and We stand by our tagline: We Make YOU Look GOOD! 
Quote of the Month
"Give me but one firm spot on which to stand, and I will move the earth." ~Archimedes c.287-212 BC: Pappus Synagoge  
Mission Statement
It Happened by Design - Kathy ThomasWords of Wisdom E-newsletter will attempt to always deliver sage advice and tidbits to assist you in your business and personal growth & development. Our purpose is simple; support, encourage and supply.  In an attempt to provide you with quality content and I welcome your feedback.

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On A Personal Note

Welcome back to Words of Wisdom Ezine. Ah, the holidays are here. I just love this time of year, don't you? The hustle and bustle, the extra choir rehearsals and concerts, and remembrances of family, friends, and events past. These are the times of great enjoyment.

These are also the times to prepare for the coming year of business successes. Have you mapped out your marketing for 2012 yet, or are you going to just plod along and see what happens? One of the best ways to ensure a down year is to effect the latter.

If media attention is what you desire then I highly recommend you get the Beverly Mahone's hot new book, How to Get On the News, Without Committing Murder.  Not only has she got 30 years of experience in the industry, she has been featured in the New York Times and TV! But, don't just start your new year off reading it, write your plan around it and use it to your advantage. (Note: disclaimer: I am NOT an affiliate of this book, just a raving fan of Beverly Mahone. And so should YOU be!)

So, make 2012 the year you stop at nothing. Write your plan and work it and you will reap the rewards of a successful 2012.

As always, I hope you find the information informative and useful. It is for you and the benefit of your company that I continue to offer this Words of Wisdom Ezine.

Wishing you a God filled day!
Ginger Marks

Climbing the Peaks to Attain a Success-filled Business in 2012 


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Courtesy of Sura Nualpradid

Christmas time is upon us once again. This means year-end review and new year planning is at the top of our list of things to ponder. As you begin your 2012 planning, after a down year in 2011, are you considering giving up or are you committed to making 2012 even better. Stop at nothing, or let nothing stop you; which is your motto? Consider the mountain climber and what it takes to get to the summit.


Like the mountain climber, you must hone your skills by daily exercise. Do something every day for your business. Use the tools you have in your pack. However, if the tool you used in 2011 did not result in the goal you chose, then choose a different tool for 2012. Conversely, if you saw even a modicum of success with the tool of choice, keep it in your tool kit and consider learning how to use it more skillfully in the coming year.


Mountain climbers carefully chose what tools are in their pack. So too should you. What are some of the tools a business owner should have in their pack? Here are just three to get you started. 


1. Communication Skills

Without these skills in our bag we can end up saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. When we allow our emotions to dictate what we say, we often say the things we wish we could take back. Also, our sales may suffer as we can't convey our message powerfully. This can be evident in our close. Are you afraid to ask for the sale, or the testimonial you sorely need? Ramp up these skills by hiring a communications coach or taking classes in this sorely needed subject. 


2. Marketing Skills

There are many ways to market your business. If you are a writer you have article marketing and press release writing at your fingertips. If you lack the time or skill to do these two very important marketing items then hire a qualified professional. You shouldn't scrimp on your press release writing budget, as a poorly written press release is at best ill-effective.


Social media is another area that marketing can play a part. However, if you lack the time to consistently deliver, hire a VA that can do this for you. Again, you will find this well worth your investment.


If nothing else, put ads out there. A well written advertisment, rightly placed (where your target market frequents or frequently reads), can put your business on the proverbial map.


Then there are audio & video. Even if you don't start your own radio show, you can seek to showcase your talents and wares on other's broadcasts. Radio show hosts are always looking for competent professionals who can provide knowledge and insight on subjects that their listeners crave.


I could go on and on about marketing techniques, but let's leave this for another article. 


3. Audience

Every business needs an audience. If you are marketing and it isn't paying off, then chances are you haven't done your homework. Surveys are wonderful for uncovering your niche and what they want and need. Also, Googling your keywords can often uncover organizations that will partner with you whose audience is perfect for your products and/or services.


Which brings me to another very important likeness between mountain climbers and business owners. Climbers discover early on that joining with the right team is one of the most important choices they must make. Their life, (and your business life) depends on having the right members in your team.


All Star LogoYour team must be able to communicate clearly, be trustworthy, and follow directions. This all requires you to set up ground rules so everyone knows what they need to do in any given situation. As you develop your business, having these loyal, reliable team members, and policy and procedures readily available is much like having a lead climber holding the rope which ensures everyones successful climb.


When climbers decide to climb a mountain, they don't just sally forth and begin the climb on the first mountain they find. They first choose which mountain they are going to climb and develop a plan to ensure their success. Sometimes the plan takes many months to develop; or even years. Like them, don't just decide to do something to make your business work; plan what that something is, write it down, and take the time to develop a plan of action that will ensure your successful venture.


In the midst of planning, climbers go through rigorous training. Take their lead and get the coaching you need to help you along the way. This valuable step can make the difference between success and failure. Whatever your need is, I assure you, there is a coach that can train you and thus help you avoid the pitfalls that are sure to be ahead.


Why do climbers and business owners alike fail? Distraction, loss of focus, not taking the climb/business seriously, and failure to plan or even just the wrong plan. Even just one of these can ensure the end before you even begin the venture. But, these are subjects for another day, as well.




© Copyright 2011 Ginger Marks



Ginger Marks is the founder of the DocUmeant Family of Companies, We Make YOU Look GOOD! For more information, visit Her 2011 annual edition of Holiday Marketing Guide, Your business-marketing calendar of ideas is now available at



  Tip of the Month
If you haven't already, organize your business. Keeping track of tasks, leads, client requests, finances, emails, and phone calls is all part of getting, and staying, organized. This can be especially difficult for freelancers, who often handle all aspects of their business. But, if your business is not organized, there is a good chance your business will ultimately suffer.

So, this month you get two for the price of one!

Until next month...
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