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7 Simple Steps to Book Marketing

mailingSo, you've taken the plunge and written your book. Now what? It is time for editing, cover graphic and layout; then off to the printer or digital converter. If you have already done so, good for you. If not, then those next steps are critical to the success of your book. Be sure your title, cover and layout are strong enough to effectively grab the eye of your reading public. If you need help in these areas DocUmeant Publishing just may be your answer. But, if you already have your book or eBook ready for distribution what do you do next? MARKET! Oh but of course. I hear you thinking perhaps even out loud, "Easy for you to say, but how do I do it?"


First, the distribution channel you chose will make all the difference in the amount of work ahead of you. If you are truly going it solo then you will have to upload your book or eBook to each and every available retail outlet; and there are a ton of them out there. Amazon and Barnes & Noble are NOT the only book resellers - and, these types of resale outlets are difficult to get into and expect a huge discount, usually 55-70%.


Alternatively, you could hire a small publishing assistance firm, such as DocUmeant Publishing, to help you. These types of firms can upload your publication one time and make it instantly available to the whole lot of distribution sources through the Ingram book catalog. What or who is Ingram? Well, they are just the biggest book catalog and where resellers turn to for the latest and best books for their outlets; yes, this includes Amazon and B&N. True, depending on the firm, they will keep 10-20% of your after discount and printing fee commission. But, for all the work they will save you and their ability to get your book listing in Ingram's catalog, this is peanuts.


So, now how do you begin marketing? The answer is not a simple one. In fact there are hundreds of ways available to the enthusiastic author. To choose those which you are willing to do is the task at hand. If you are independently wealthy, you might consider hiring a marketing firm. But for the vast majority of us, marketing our books falls deftly on our shoulders. Herein I will share a mere 10 ways to market your book or eBook.


1. Article Marketing


This avenue entails more writing, which, hey, if you are an author you are pretty good at and should be a piece of cake, so to speak. Write articles that speak about the subject of your book and are informative. Excerpts from your work should be considered for inclusion. Even if you want to write about a different topic than your book or eBook touches you can still use article marketing to your advantage. How? Easy, include the link to your work in the author resource section provided by the article house.


The key here is to not write and submit one article to one article house, but many articles over a period of time to many article houses. Some of the ones that I have used in the past are Ezine Articles, Article Garden, Go Articles, Self Growth, ISnare, and Associated Content. Some of these are paid while others are free submission sites. Also, Free Article Submission Organization has a list of 1,000 submission sites if you are up to the task.


2. Newsletter Marketing


On the same direction, offering a newsletter or ezine can help you sell your book. This again takes a firm commitment as you will need to provide your ezine or newsletter on a regular basis, without fail! Content is key. If the content is not informative you will lose your hard sought readership; and readers are what you are after, after all.

Some newsletter/ezine providers are free while others are vastly costly. Three that I am familiar with and have used in the past are Constant Contact, Your Mailing List Provider and of course AWeber.


The greatest benefit to newsletter marketing is building your list of contacts who read and enjoy your content. These are the readers who will most likely buy your books and eBooks once you make them aware of their availability.


3. Teleseminar/Webinar


Public speaking made easy. That is how I see these events. While giving you the opportunity to practice your speaking talents you will find these less costly and easier to effect. No hotel bill, no travel expenses, and a willing audience. However, scheduling of these events must fit not only your audience, but your schedule too. Too late and you may lose your opposite coast listeners; too early and you risk loosing your target audience; working folks and parents.


If you don't know where to start looking for the right host or club simply ask around. Your friends might just know of a host that is the perfect fit for your subject. Be aware of and familiar with the technology that will be used. Will it be a video conference or just audio, such as the telephone provides? Will you be able to use a whiteboard or other interactive tools or just speak? Knowing your venue before your presentation will help you put together the right information in a manner that will engage your audience.


Be sure you know the audience that your host or hostess is in touch with. Don't just give the same information to everyone. Meld your topic to fit the audience. For example, as I mention in my book Presentational Skills for the Next Generation, if you are speaking to children you would use examples that they are familiar with while when speaking to a scientific convention you would use more technical terms and such. A singles group wouldn't be apt to care about your stories of familial significance as much as a single parent's group. The key here is to make the material relevant to your audience. Use examples that fit your listeners.


4. Public Speaking


Vastly similar to Teleseminar/Webinars is public speaking. However, this involves doing so in person. Whether you offer to be a guest speaker for pay or for free this is up to you. However, many groups and organizations need speakers. Each time you speak in front of a group you get better and more at ease. Besides growing into an interesting speaker these events give you the opportunity to sell your book to an eager public. The more you books you sell directly from the 'back of the room' or your 'trunk' the more money stays in your pocket.


Book clubs order thousands of units. So, you should definitely attempt to use these to market your book. Offer to speak at your next local book club meeting. If you can't afford to travel, offer to speak at your local clubs. Rotary, Chambers and such are just a few other ideas. Remember, they need you as much as you need them.


5. Blogging


Blogs are terrific tools for authors. They allow you to instantly interact with your audience. Be aware that you will need to offer interesting and relevant content on a regular schedule. If time is an issue for you, you can either hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) or use other blogs as in a Blog Tour. I probably don't need to list blog hosts, but WordPress is my blog of choice.


6. Book Trailers


With people's attention spans getting shorter and shorter book trailers are fast becoming an author's tool of choice. While costs can vary between one and several thousand dollars these can be just the spark that will sell your book. Consider carefully before you buy. Check out the quality of previous offerings; don't just go with the cheapest price. One that I have found to offer both good quality and affordable pricing is Master Koda, master marketer Kim Emerson's latest venture.


7. Press Releases


No marketing plan would be complete without the tried and true press release. Notice the 's' in the title. That's right. Not just one, but many are needed. Time them out; don't just put them all up at one time. Also, remember what a press release is and what it is not. It is a newsworthy information piece, not a sales letter.


There are a few companies who will help you write and submit your press release. Be sure to use both online and offline submission sites. Using fax blasting as well as online submission sites will multiply your efforts. Also, focus on your local area as they are more interested in promoting you than would be a newspaper all across the country.


This is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. To ensure the success of your book or eBook it is up to you, the author, to promote your work. These are just a few to get you started. For more ideas search the web or hire a marketing firm that can further assist you to reach the Best Seller status you and your book deserve.

© Copyright 20011 Ginger Marks

Ginger Marks is the founder of the DocUmeant Family of Companies, We Make YOU Look GOOD! For more information, visit Her 2010 annual edition of Holiday Marketing Guide, Your business-marketing calendar of ideas is now available at


Tip for Success

Book Signing Question

At book signings ask if they belong to a book club. If they do, suggest that you come to their meeting, talk about your books, sell them there-at full retail-and come back the next month to discuss the book. It is well received.

Also, ask for contact information from those who stop by for future book notices, and contact information from other book clubs. If the book clubs follow through, I'll generate another 30 to 60 book sales.

Good luck at your next book signing!