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2011 Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide
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Marketing Is BIG Business 

Volume 6 Issues 11 Nov 2011
Dear Ginger,

I hope you enjoy this eZine provided by -- and We stand by our tagline: We Make YOU Look GOOD! 
Quote of the Month
"Advertising is the ability to sense, interpret... to put the very heart throbs of a business into type, paper and ink."
~Leo Burnett 
Mission Statement
It Happened by Design - Kathy ThomasWords of Wisdom E-newsletter will attempt to always deliver sage advice and tidbits to assist you in your business and personal growth & development. Our purpose is simple; support, encourage and supply.  In an attempt to provide you with quality content and I welcome your feedback.

As always any tips you would like to share would be welcome
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On A Personal Note

Welcome back to Words of Wisdom Ezine. Well, I have done it! I have finally gotten around to designing my ezine header. I am no longer the proverbial hair dresser that needs a cut, I hope you enjoy the new look. I would love to hear your feedback. Could it be the pink is just too much? Still haven't quite decided, so you may see changes in the months to come. Heck, feel free to vote on your favorite look, even if it is none of all of them. Now on to the news about this month's Feature Article.

As usual the Feature Article is a must read. In this month's feature you will discover several ways to enhance your marketing message. If you use and find any helpful, do let me know so we can share in your excitement.

As always, I hope you find the information informative and useful. It is for you and the benefit of your company that I continue to offer this Words of Wisdom Ezine.

Wishing you a God filled day!
Ginger Marks

 Marketing Is BIG Business

Marketing is a business' most important activity. However, it is also one of the most dreaded for most small business owners. Regardless of your business type, if you don't market your business you won't have a business. Therefore, you should constantly be looking for new marketing opportunities even as you are in the midst of running one. Actually, that is the BEST time to discover new ways to market your business. You have heard the proverb, "A rolling stone gathers no moss." Well, opportunity comes to those who seek, as well. Time and again, you will be sending out marketing materials when out of the blue another opportunity will either come to mind or be offered to you by one of the very people you are marketing to. So, to give you a jump on your competition here are a few ideas to get you started.


The number one thing you can do is to create a marketing plan. Ya, easy for me to say. Really, it isn't that difficult. When you know the definition of a marketing plan, and see how easy it is to create one, you will laugh to yourself that you ever dreaded writing one. Wikipedia says that a marketing plan is nothing more than a list of actions. See, it's not the how to; it's more the what. Of course the "how" must follow the "what," but start with the "what" and go from there.


So now for the what; some ideas to get you started? Okay, I can help with that. Start with the annual Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide available online. It is chocked full of marketing ideas developed around unusual holidays that happen every year. Not only is it a terrific resource for your business for ideas, it contains tools and templates to help you get started on a few select ones each and every year.


Another idea is to conduct a survey or start an "Elite Group" of your own. A simple survey will tell you what your customers would like to see, while a private group will help you come up with ways to implement those ideas.


Is it time for you to create a brochure or update an old one? Yes, these are important tools for marketing your business too. Another one I have used is fee pieces that you can digitize and make available for free or a small fee to help build your customer base. If you look at my online sites you will easily find some tools that I have designed to do just that. There are eBooks, reports, a US State Abbreviation & Keyboard Symbols sheet, and even a new offering, My Weekly Activities sheets. All of these types of tools should contain your contact information so others who happen across them will know how to find you. Heck, you can even give them away at networking events. People love free and now your business contact info is in their hands.


Take it offline. This is often an overlooked marketing tool. So often we get caught up in our comfy computer chair that we forget there is a local market for our products and services. Get out of your chair and go out and get some fresh air. Even at a park or grocery store you have the opportunity to connect with a new prospective customer. However, a word to the wise here, don't push it. If the conversation doesn't go in the direction to allow you to hand them your business card then don't. Speaking of which, you do have a nice professional looking business card, right? Not the one you personally designed and printed on your desktop printer.


Register for a conference. Do something to get out there and meet other people. You never know when you will run into someone who either needs your product or service or knows someone who does.


Offer an incentive to your current client base to send you referrals. This is one of the best ways to market your business. I have been offering a 10 percent referral bonus on first invoice to my clients ever since day one. This one marketing medium has increased my client base and my bottom line. Give it a try the next time you get a chance. You have to tell them so they will know.


How about sending out a snail or e-mail to start the ball rolling? Everyone knows any reason to touch base with your customers is a terrific way to get your business name back in their mind's eye.


There you have it; seven plus simple steps to market your business. Use one or use them all. The choice is up to you. The more you do, the easier it gets. Success is within your grasp; but grasp it you must.


© Copyright 2011 Ginger Marks



Ginger Marks is the founder of the DocUmeant Family of Companies, We Make YOU Look GOOD! For more information, visit Her 2011 annual edition of Holiday Marketing Guide, Your business-marketing calendar of ideas is now available at



  Tip of the Month
When designing remember that 72 dots per inch (dpi) is the resolution of Internet images. Opt for a stock photo or one you take yourself that is at least 300dpi if you plan on using your image for printing at your local print shop. And, don't size up and down, as each time you do so you lose clarity.

So, this month you get two for the price of one!

Until next month...
Subscriber Feedback

Thanks for the newsletter. I enjoy your style.


Plus the info and benefits you mentioned when speaking publicly go hand in hand with writing. Cliches, laziness, tell versus show, action verbs all affect your writing.



Wendy VanHatten 

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