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DocUmeant Writing Services

Editing, writing, press release writing and distribution are just the begining of services you will enjoy when you hire the DocUmeant writing team. Visit us on the Web at for more information.

DocUmeant Publishing

Have you got a book in you and you are aching to get it out for the world to read? Do you want to be in control of the way it comes together? Have you tried the traditional publishing route and been rejected at every turn? Do you want to retain more of your royalties?

If you have asked yourself even one of these questions, then you deserve to see your book turned into a reality!

Whether you want to be in total control or get some assistance with a task or too along the way, DocUmeant Publishing is there to assist you.

For more information visit us at

DocUmeant Designs

Welcome to DocUmeant Designs we are here to assist you with your professional design needs. Poke around and then give us a call at 727-565-2130 or email us at ginger.marks at We look forward to assisting you with all your branding and digital design needs.

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Words of Wisdom Archive

DocUmeant Designs has been offering sage marketing, business/personal growth and design advice since 2006. Here you will find the Feature Article, Quote & Monthly Success Tip for each and every ezine that we have published over the years. If you would like to receive the latest ezine immediately on your right is a newsletter sign up invitation. We hope you will find the advice offered helpful and interesting.

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Vol 7: 2012

January: Are You A Nurturer?

February: Designing Your Marketing Message

March: Marketing Fun and Easy

Vol 6: 2011

January: Neat and Clean, Tight and True

February: Creating Presentations that Work

March: What You Say Is As Important As How You Say It

April: 6 Reasons to Start a Business Blog

May: 7 Simple Steps to Book Marketing

June: Hiccups

July: Customer Sign-up Forms, Does Yours Do the Job?

August: Be Careful What You Wish For ...

Sept: Harness the Power of Your Words

Oct: Communication Skills Are a Must for the Entrepreneur

Nov: Marketing Is BIG Business

Dec: Climbing the Peaks to Attain a Success-filled Business in 2012

Vol 5: 2010

January: Seven Deadly Sins of Goal Setting Part I

February: Seven Deadly Sins of Goal Setting Part II

March: Do As I Say, Not As I Did

April: The Golden Rule of Business Ownership

May: What Kind of Tree Did You Plant?

June: How Do You Put a Price on That?

July: Start Generating New Profits and Growth Tomorrow Morning by Rafi Mohammed

August: Social Media; Are You Using It Right?

September: Are You Following Your Competition Over the Cliff?

October: Staying On Top of the Search Engines

November: The Seasonal Slump?

December: Do It Now

Vol 4: 2009

January: Convert Your Articles To Marketing Magnets

February: Recession Is Good for Your Small Business!

March: Twitter Marketing Your Business to Increase Sales-The Right Way

April: Get More Sales With These 5 Proven Headlines by Ali Brown

May: Teleseminar Secrets

June: The Science of Marketing

July: Reflect, Evaluate, and Grow

August: Dare to be Different

September: How Affectionately Do You Kiss Your Business

October: Your Business' Best Kept Secret Weapon

November: Get Into Them, Part I

December: The Difference Between Needs and Wants - People Only Buy What They Want by Sean McPheat

Vol 3: 2008

January: Give Yourself a Round of Applause

February: Repetition Blindness

March: The Internet Rut

April: Your To-Do List

May: Overwhelmed?

June: Ten Summer Marketing Ideas for Your Business

July: Free To Be Me

August: Balance vs. Drive: What I Want vs. What I can Do

September: Balance vs. Drive: What I Want vs. What I can Do Part II

October: How To Create Effective Call To Action Graphics

November: Early Planning for Yearend Momentum

December: Share the Joy of the Season

Vol 2: 2007

January: Your Greatest Enemy

February: Staying the Course

March: Civil Law Advice Is Available

April: Effective Communication

May: Sweet or Sour Your Attitude Will Make A Difference

June: Take Charge of Your Life

July: Who Are You Being Influenced By?

August: Prosperity Principle Musings

September: Life on the Edge

October: Frown Your Way to Success!

November: Season Of Sadness

December: Keeping Track

Vol 1: 2006

June: Are You A Landmine Or A Goldmine?

July: Effective Marketing; The hidden truth behind Male vs. Female Marketing

August: Discover The Power Of The Right Words

September: Finding Your Niche

October: Show Up—Both Mentally & Physically!

November: Benefits of Properly Named Images

December: Teleseminars and Audio/Video Conferences: Are they a good fit for your business?




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